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Lewis Vaughn is the author or coauthor of numerous books, including Philosophy Here and Now: Powerful Ideas in Everyday Life, Second Edition (2015), Living Philosophy: A Historical Introduction to Philosophical Ideas (2014), Philosophy: The Quest for Truth, Ninth Edition (2013), The Moral Life, Fifth Edition (2013), and Bioethics: Principles, Issues, and Cases (2012), all published by Oxford University Press. He is the former editor of Free Inquiry and the former executive editor and cofounder of Philo.


"It is hard to find a good critical thinking textbook that covers the material with insightful clarity, focused breadth, and up-to-date relevance. The Power of Critical Thinking does just that. A must-have for any critical thinking course."--Mark Balok, Yavapai College

"The Power of Critical Thinking is unique with its diverse collection of exercises--including field problems, writing exercises, and quizzes--which facilitate students' digestion of the material. I love the design. Both the photos and the art are helpful."--Stephen K. Ma, California State University, Los Angeles

"This book is very successful in its presentation of inference to the best explanation. It also does an excellent job of teaching writing skills along with critical thinking skills. I highly recommend this text for its engaging writing style, clear layout, and variety of possible in-class and online exercises and assignments."--Carol McGury, DePaul University

This online Study Guide is a valuable addition to The Power of Critical Thinking. It will help you learn more from the text and hone your critical skills to a fine edge, or at least to an effective blunt instrument. Here are the features provided for each chapter in the text:

  • A summary of the main points
  • A list of chapter objectives, broken down by chapter subheads
  • A full set of study questions to help you understand and remember the chapter material
  • A short review quiz, with multiple-choice and true/false questions that are autograded to give you quick feedback on your performance.
  • Flashcards for studying the key terms
  • Additional chapter exercises found only in this guide
  • Web links to sites that add interesting information and food for thought relevant to chapter content
  • The chapter's Self-Assessment Quiz, automated to reveal the answers as you work through the questions

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