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refers to the buying and selling of productsorservicesoverelectronic systems through Internet and othercomputer networks.The most popular medium in which e-Commerce is conducted is theinternet. It combines a range of process such as:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic mail (E-mail)

World Wide Web (WWW)

Internet Applications

Network Applications

It does not include transactions

over telephone, fax or any payments madeonline for transactions whose terms were

negotiated offline or by physicalmeans.Some common applications related to electronic commerce are thefollowing:


Enterprise content management

Instant messaging


Online shoppingand order tracking

Online banking

Online office suites

Domestic and internationalpayment systems

Shopping cart software


Electronic tickets

History of E-Commerce

In 1950‟s companies began to use computers to store and processinternal transaction records.

By 1960‟s businesses that engaged large volume of transaction hadbegan exchanging transaction information on punched card.

In 1968 Transportation Data Co-ordination Committee (TDCC ) wasformed by some companies.

|| E-Commerce in Bangladesh ||

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