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...Theo Avery Mrs. Hamley IB English 11 8 October 2012 Reflective Statement on Symbolism Through the use of symbols/ motifs my understanding of the culture and context of Persepolis is furthered developed. Marjane Satrapi uses the title of each chapter to demonstrate emphasis on important symbols throughout the novel. It is crucial for the reader comprehend the meaning of the symbols because the symbols more often than not inform the reader about culture or context that provides a deeper meaning to the graphic novel. For example the chapter called “the bicycle” presents the reader with revolutionaries jumbled up on a bike. It is essential the reader to identify the symbolic meaning of the bicycle. The bicycle portrays how the revolutionaries are interdependent upon each other, and all of them have to work together to acquire their freedom from the Shah. Satrapi also uses symbols to illustrate the culture clash between Marji’s household and the outside world, but symbols can be little things such as facial expression. Marji is more involved in the western culture, which is revealed by the clothes that Marji desires to wear. The fundamentalist wears a veil that covers her whole body, but Marji likes to wear denim and let her hair be shown. Although Marji’s parents do not mind her style, society scrutinizes her in a negative way. I also did not know that the title of the book had any type of symbolic meaning. The title illustrates the theme of conflict between the past......

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...Reflective Statement This course helps me to build up better academic skill to do the research. In the Brainstorming task, I learn how to organization my thinking. The task helps me to develop some ideas from different angle which devise my essay question. It is the foundation of my essay. When I did the Brainstorming task, the China train collision has happened. This task helps me to extend my perspective behind the accident. My research topic idea ‘Why China society is riddled with corruption and immoralities?’ is come from this accident.The peer and self-review task help me to develop critical and objective thinking via reading my partner brainstorming and my partner feedback. The source justification task helps me to assess the material appropriate or not and do the correct reference. And the Literature Review task helps me to form the final essay argument and use the sources to support my argument. In The Interpretation Analysis Task I learned how to focus on the analysis writing. Also learn how to interpret, evaluate and compile my argument. In the Collaborative Critical reading task and presentation I learn how to form an argument via analysis the advertisement. In the online activities I have made a poster and analysis the poster. In this task I learned how to use the rhetorical strategies such as three rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos and logo). It helps me to build a pervasive argument in my essay. This course not only provides rhetorical knowledge but also the...

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...Reflective Statement This reflective statement tends to illustrate my analysis and evaluation upon the development and progress of three particular skills including critical thinking, networking and CV writing skills according to the skill audit record where I have marked the confidence level, objective, actions to be taken as well as measurement in detail. My confidence level of critical thinking increased from 1 to 3 through this semester. I chose the lowest level to describe my mastery of this skill in terms of academic activity because I had never applied this skill in my previous study experience. The reason behind could be the cultural difference between China and UK, i.e. in China, students are supposed to be obedient, on the contrary, students in the UK are encouraged to question tutors’, superiors’ and even their own ideas. The Power Distance value (China 80 VS UK 35) suggested by Geert Hofstede’s cultural insight underpins this opinion as well, although one could argue that this figure merely portrays a general outlook and there will be exceptions that go against this norm in both countries. Mainly through the review of online tutorial and communication with peers, which I examined to be the best ways considering the effectiveness (online tutorial offered systematic training, communication with colleagues was flexible and enabled instant feedback, mutual interaction and clarification), I believe I’ve achieved medium confidence level according to feedback from...

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...U0853052 Reflective Statement Of Personal Experiences & Ambitions New Beginnings EDS200 2014 After many years of feeling education was not for me, I decided that I was going to give it a go and go against my fear of lack of concentration. I had heard about “New Beginnings” through a friend that had advised me that, if I wanted to get back into education as a mature student “New Beginnings” would help me start that journey a lot easier. I have always had a philosophy that your experience in life will take you further than a degree, the reason why I thought like this is because, I had friends and family around me that had spent years in college to get degrees and came out finding it hard to get jobs. While I was seeing other friends and family gain jobs using experience they had gathered working in their various fields of employment over the years. I have always felt I learn quicker when it’s practical rather than when it’s theoretical, but as Hill (1937) suggests “You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be”. So I believe if I dedicate myself to finishing New Beginnings, and go on to begin the BA (Hons) Business Management Course in September there is no reason why I cannot give it my all and get back what I put in. I have worked 7 years in retail which has helped me to build and perfect my customer service skills dealing with face to face customer......

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...Reflective Statement When delivering our training session it is important that a positive learning environment is created so that the learners are engaged and their experience is enhanced. To ensure this is the case, before starting the session we made everyone in the class aware of the basic health and safety rules and regulations. This means running through what to do in case of a fire and where the evacuation point is if the fire alarm goes off. This is important as it will help to make the learners feel safe and secure. It is also important that we introduced ourselves and mentioned a little about our background so that learners can address us correctly and feel comfortable asking questions if they wish to do so. It is also key to stay positive when delivering the training session and make learners feel involved and comfortable. This enables learners to take control of their own learning. Things that are also essential to making learners feel comfortable in the environment they are in are the conditions in which the session is being delivered. This could be things such as the temperature of the room, any noise that could distract and any visual distractions that could arise. Even if some of these are beyond your control then it is still important to meet the minimum requirements so that effective learning can take place. The feedback received for the training session overall was good. Learners felt that they were able to take away knowledge of certain elements of TUPE......

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...Tracy King 3DLA Reflective Statement Creating a Positive Learning Environment Learning environment – I chose to arrange the room in a horse-shoe shape with participants seated behind desks. This enabled everyone to have a clear view of the screen for my power-point point and video presentations. The desks were needed as the icebreaker and activities required making written notes. I provided fish shaped biscuits and sweets to promote the FISH theme and ensured participants had pens, post-it notes and paper required for the activities and icebreaker. I began my session my introducing everyone to Nemo swimming in his bowl of water. This was to attract their attention and give the indication that this session was informal and fun. My session started with a run through general housekeeping information to ensure members knew how long the presentation would last, where to locate toilets etc and a few rules on using mobile phones etc. The aim was to help participants to feel more relaxed and familiar with their surroundings. I also checked everyone was comfortable with the temperature and seating within the room. Presentation Strategies My presentation began with an icebreaker whereby everyone wrote their mood on a label and wear it throughout the session. Members were asked to read out their label in turn. The purpose of this activity was to get learners to think about how they were feeling, eg ‘tired, uncomfortable, stressed’. This was revisited at the end......

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...and aim of unit The CIPD has developed a map of the HR profession (HRPM) that describes the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by human resources (HR) and learning and development (L&D) professionals. This unit is designed to enable the learner to develop a sound understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviour required of a professional practitioner, whether their role is generalist in nature or specialist, for example L&D. It will enable learners to develop a personal development plan, following a self-assessment of learning and development needs, that meets their personal and professional requirements. This unit is suitable for persons who:  are aspiring to, or embarking on, a career in HR/L&D  are working in the field of HR/L&D in a support role and wish to develop their knowledge and skills  have responsibility for HR/L&D activities and decisions within an organisation without a specialist function  are employees or independent consultants within the field of HR/L&D  engage in CPD to enhance and maintain their professional practice and membership. Learning outcomes On completion of this unit, learners will: 1 Understand the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be an effective HR or L&D practitioner. 2 Know how to deliver timely and effective HR services to meet users’ needs. 3 Be able to reflect on own practice and development needs and maintain a plan for personal development. 1 Equivalents in Ireland = 6; Scotland = 7 CIPD unit 4DEP -......

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...you for choosing to complete this CIPD qualification at the Resettlement Training Centre. This document is intended to provide you with the basic information needed to support you in this. If there are any suggestions to improve the content please inform the Course Manager (bjohnson@ctp.org.uk ). THE PHILOSOPHY BEHIND THE FOUNDATION CERTIFICATE IN HUMAN RESOURCE PRACTICE The Foundation Certificate in Human Resource Practice is a foundation-level programme in CIPD’s new qualification framework. The qualification meets the requirements of the new Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF). CIPD are phasing in their new qualifications  to reflect the knowledge and skills specified in the CIPD HR Profession Map and revised membership criteria  The FCHRP supersedes the Certificate in Personnel Practice and will provide you with the business understanding and practical skills required for working in HR in a support level role. The FCHRP has been specifically designed to enable candidates from a variety of backgrounds, including line managers, HR assistants, HR Advisors and clerical staff, to acquire a wide range of relevant knowledge and practical personnel skills with which to become more efficient in their roles. The FCHRP provides a firm foundation in key areas of HR work and is a natural study route towards CIPD’s Intermediate qualifications (Level 5). On successful completion of the programme, candidates receive an inscribed CIPD Certificate in Human Resource......

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...34(4), 355-372. Lim, N., Kim, E. K., Kim, H., Yang, E., & Lee, S. M. (2010). Individual and work-related factors influencing burnout of mental health professionals: a meta-analysis. Journal of Employment Counseling, 47(2), 86-96. McCann, C. M., Beddoe, E., McCormick, K., Huggard, P., Kedge, S., Adamson, C., & Huggard, J. (2013). Resilience in the health professions: A review of recent literature. International Journal of Wellbeing, 3(1), 60-81. McInerney, A., Jools, P., & Williams, J. (2009). The therapist as a person: Trauma and psychic pain in the life and work of a therapist. Australasian Journal of Psychotherapy, 28(1-2), 64-82. Parikh, S. B., Janson, C., & Singleton, T. (2012). Video journaling as a method of reflective practice. Counselor Education and Supervision, 51(1), 33-49. Richards, K. C., Campenni, C. E., & Muse-Burke, J. L. (2010). Self-care and well-being in mental health professionals: The mediating effects of self-awareness and mindfulness. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 32(3), 247-264. Saakvitne, K. W., & Pearlman, L. A. (1996). Self-care assessment worksheet. Transforming the pain : a workbook on vicarious traumatization. New York: W.W. Norton & Company. Stamm, B. H. (2009). Professional quality of life: Compassion satisfaction and fatigue version 5 (ProQOL). ProQOL.org. Retrieved April 29, 2015, from http://www.proqol.org/uploads/ProQOL_5_English.pdf Thompson, I. A., Amatea, E. S., & Thompson, E. S.......

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...Saul Rizo Gutierrez November 20, 2014 4th period Word count: 400 Reflective statement on Fiela’s Child How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral? My understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of Fiela’s Child increased through the interactive orals by the realization that Knysna was influenced culturally and linguistically by European colonization. The arrival of these countries brought discrimination, racism, and a drastic exploitation of not only the people, but of the land. Although throughout recorded history the African people have lived in conflict, there was always a balance kept with the land that was destroyed by the entrance of the European colonists. Knysna is a crucial setting that held different meanings for the principal characters. Benjamin, taken from the open skies of the Long Kloof, found only sorrow in the forest which for him, and his adopted mother Fiela, represented separation and imprisonment. This same symbolic prison was viewed as a refuge to Nina, who saw the forest as her protector and playmate. Whereas Benjamin was confined by the forest, Nina was liberated by it. To Elias, Nina’s father and tormentor, the forest represented sustenance, trees and animals there for his limitless conquest. One can say that Knysna was transfixed in people’s hearts revealing the very nature of the meaning of life for the characters. We also addressed the life of......

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...Reflective Statement During the course of my studies in Behavioural Health Science unit we had the opportunity to propose, for a case study, a solution/s for some issues at a mental health hospital that were occuring in one of its wards. There were varied issues of concern within the ward including those relating to nurse injuries and resident aggression, ward facilities and those relating to widespread use of PRN and seclusion and restraint. Our group's main focus was on patients and the use of PRN and seclusion and restraint. In the course of doing the assignment and having had exposure working in an aged care facility, I found seclusion and restraint as one issue that featured prominently in my mind. Residents, often have dementia and pose a great deal of problems with aggression especially physical and verbal aggression. One issue is how to deal with these? At the aged care facility, often times they are strapped in lap belts or in the extreme they are given medication so they can "rest". I found this compared very similarly to what was in the case study. Further, only the other day while on my shift a certain patient, who I had only just met, was screaming and shouting. He had indicated he needed the toilet and according to the care plan he had to be hoisted in order to do this. The resident would have none of it!! He insisted he can stand up by holding on bars in the toilet on his own. My buddy and I, had an issue in our hands on how we could handle this? I have......

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...ASSESSMENT DELIVERING LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES (3DLA) DAVID REDONDO FERNANDEZ CIPD LEVEL 3 FOUNDATION EALING, HAMMERSMITH & WEST LONDON COLLEGE CIPD Membership number: 2329184X Tutor Name: Clare Woodcock Date 08/04/2014 Word Count: Activity 1 – 492 Activity 3 -- 931 INDEX 1.1 Individual and environmental factors that impact positively or negatively on learning. 1.2 Create a positive learning environment. 1 Learning Plan 3.1 Feedback from the participants 3.2 Reflective statement *FEEDBACK OF THE COURSE* Summary The main purpose of this assessment is to create a plan and help those people who in this moment are unemployed or are looking to change their job. As currently I work in the recruitment centre I am learning how is the day by day in a busy environment and how important is to have a good CV, something that makes you stand out from the rest and show how you are different to get at least the chance to be called to an interview. ACTIVITY 1 1.1 Individual and environmental factors that impact positively or negatively on learning. The learning process is affected by some factors individual and environmental. Since I knew the time of my presentation (15.00 pm) I thought would be good to include pictures and videos, although to ask questions, as my presentation is one of the last and the audience is tired than it is in the morning. As well the factor of the......

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...Reflective writing – Matching Consumer Psychology with Effective Communication Styles On 03/11/15 I instructed two people in the training of “matching consumer psychology with effective communication styles”. The intention of the plan was that my training had a strong structure using the “KISS” technique (Keep It Simple Stupid) and had a solid start, solid middle and a solid end. By doing this I felt it identified the need for my subject matter in the current commercial environment. The way I conveyed the information was by preparing a slide show that would especially appeal to visual learners; I then provided handouts so the visual learners had another way to follow along. For the predominately auditory learners in my group I made sure that I repeated every word that was on the presentation slides, I also encouraged the group to ask questions so they could learn from the answers I gave. I tried to use the newsreaders approach by explaining what our objectives are at the beginning and what we will learn, then to explain what we have learned so far in the middle of the session and what we have learned on the whole at the end of the session. I was effective with explaining this at the start and middle but towards the end of the training I was conscious on time and unfortunately missed the summary part out. For the Kinetic learners in my group I made sure we had an interactive and simple case study at the end which I also used as my barometer on what the whole group......

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...during the entire session. NEGATIVE Language: Having a session with multicultural adults can cause confusion and misunderstanding with some learners. It is important to ask questions if they understood everything and also speak slow and clear. Location of venue: As all learners come from different parts of the country it is important to familiarize them with the location and how to get there. It needs to be close to public transport and have a nearby car park. Also the surrounding should be peaceful as noise from traffic or other factors can impact negatively on the session. Principles of adult learning Principle How the planned activity reflects 1. Adults are internally motivated and self-directed. As all the learners choose the CIPD course it makes them highly motivated and self-directed. 2. Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences. Formative assessments throughout the session by questioning learners about their experiences and opinions. 3. Adults are goal oriented. Setting up aims and SMART objectives helps learners to fully understand the importance of the training session. 4. Adults are relevancy oriented. Regardless the size of the business, excellent customer service needs be at the heart of the business model in order to be successful. 5. Adults are practical. Adult learners like to learn from real life examples, by explaining the Nixon and Kennedy presidential debate helps them to understand how body language can......

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...Dom Casmurro Reflective Statement My understanding of the cultural and contextual considerations of Machado de Assis' Dom Casmurro was greatly expanded by this interactive oral presentation. This presentation focused on the mythological archetypes, which providing insight that deepened the meaning of many scenarios. This presentation was very helpful covering Thetis, Aurora, Homer's cow, and Priam. This information has been highly helpful in analyzing the novel. Knowing how Bento wanted to describe Capitu to Aurora and Thetis helped me understand how he viewed her. He didn't end up describing her hair to Aurora's because, “I was yet unfamiliar with this goddess”. Aurora's hair of sunburst and sun rays were probably not a good enough way to describe Capitu's hair. Bento crossed out Thetis and nymph and instead wrote “a beloved creature, which is a word which embraces all the powers.” Thetis was one of the 50 Nereids and their leader. She had her son Achilles with King Peleus, who she didn’t really like. Bento described Capitu's undertow eyes like Thetis' because she was the goddess of the sea. The sea has an undertow current that drags people in just like Capitu's eyes dragged in Bento and made him love her even more. Homer's cow is about the sun god's Helios' immortal cows. Odysseus' crew kills the cows and Helios gets mad. He kills the crew except Odysseus because he escaped to Calypsos' island. Homer's cow was used to describe Jose Dias' eyes and how they “dragged......

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The major thing different in college classes from high school classes is the syllabus. I don’t know about you, but my syllabus in high school was always pointless. It always stated the same grading scale, the same attendance policy, and the same general information about every class.

In college, it’s different. Some professors put some assignments on the syllabus and then never speak of them again. No reminders the day before it’s due, no mentioning it in class, nothing. You need to be on top of your own work.. and I love that.

I have to admit, it was a little intimidating at first… but then I found this idea for an assignment planner by Kirsten at Organized Charm. I loved it.


So this idea was 100% from her. I changed it a tiny bit to fit me, but not much.

First, I gathered all of my class syllabus’ (syllabi?) together and highlighted all the important dates: due dates, exams, field trips, whatever I had to remember.

I opened up Microsoft Excel (this can also be done in Google Drive Spreadsheets if you do not have Microsoft Excel) and made a spreadsheet with 3 columns.

1 for the due date, 1 for the class, and 1 for the assignment.

Below that I merged the row together and wrote the first month. Then I skipped about 10 rows and wrote the next month.. and repeated until all the months for the term were on there.

Then I began to write in the dates for each class. I started with one class and added in each assignment under the month that it was due. In the assignment section I made sure that I was short and sweet, so that it didn’t grow too big.

Go class by class so that you don’t get overwhelmed with having to go day by day.

Once you’ve entered in all the assignments, arrange them by due date. If you’re not computer or spreadsheet savvy, this one might get a little confusing for you so I’ve laid it out in small steps below.

 1) Highlight the Area

Click on the cell in the top right corner of the month (the first due date) and drag until you have selected all the assignments, classes, and due dates for that month.

2) Click the A-Z Button

Click on the button on your toolbar that says A-Z. There should then be a menu telling you a variety of different things. The most common is that it will say sort it A-Z (alphabetically) but that is not what you want to do. If it already says to sort smallest to largest, just click that and you’re done. If it does not, then click on the custom sort button.

3) Custom Sort: Smallest to Largest

When you click on the custom sort button, this box should pop up. Simply select to sort column A (your due date column) by smallest to largest and press ok!

Then your month should be all sorted out by due date! Nice and easy 🙂

Go on and select the rest of the months and do it again one at a time.

Now that you’ve made the spreadsheet, how do you use it?

I have mine taped up right next to my desk. When I start an assignment I highlight it in yellow. When I finish an assignment I highlight over the yellow highlight in orange. Then when I turn the assignment in I cross it out with a black pen. This way I can keep track of every step of the process.

Using this spreadsheet has already saved my grade, and I’m only 6 weeks into the semester! I was leaving for my morning class and I wanted to make sure that I had finished any homework due for that day, so I glanced at my assignment planner before I left. Turns out I had done the homework for that class, but I hadn’t done the homework for the one after it! It was an assignment that my professor had put up on the syllabus but had not mentioned anything of it in class. It was a very simple task, so I did it while I was waiting for my first class to start.

Turns out that everyone in that class forgot to do it, except me! Luckily I had the time to remind a couple of my friends in that class to get it done, and they were able to turn it in on time.

Since I made this planner one of my roommates has stolen the idea as well and made it her own. She doesn’t print it out, just keeps it as a spreadsheet on her computer, and strikes it off digitally every time she completes an assignment.


This spreadsheet is only one of the ways that I make sure I’m on top of my work. My main source of school organization is my planner, but my favorite? My post-it note calendar. I absolutely love my post-it note calendar.. but that I’ll be saving till next time!


What do you do to stay organized for school? Tell me about it in the comments and maybe I’ll try it out!

Like this:



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