Essay On Freedom Of Electronic Media

Importance of freedom of press

What is Freedom?

The freedom means those people, who state the liberty, or right and privileged to speak according to their will.

Freedom is that opportunity, which we should never avoid and in all bad situation, it gives all rights to handle the problems.

What is Press?

Press and media are the vital way to express and speech some views and opinions in the democratic country. It is the medium of expressing an opinion of the people. It justifies the individual right to speech and expression, a coveted right enshrined in the Indian constitution and the law of the other country on the globe.

Sources of press

The media prefers that all sources get opinion towards their speech and expression. The print, electronic and online press and media is the medium of expressing opinion of the people

Newspaper (Print media)

The media is referring to the newspaper industry. It is the print media for voice their views on the democracy.

Television and Radio Broadcasting (Electronic Media)

Tv and radio broadcasting is also the important part of the media and press.

Online news websites and blogs (Online Media)

In developing country, there are the all views and opinions of the press and media also available in online news websites and blogs.

Freedom of speech and expression

The Indian constitution has declared the great freedom of expression and speech. It is the fundamental rights of every citizen of India.

India is a democratic country. There are a large number of people are living, so it is superb to that Indian constitution facilitates the rights for the every citizen. The restrictions that apply to the “freedom of speech and expression” also apply to the “freedom of press and media.”

Why freedom of press and media is important?

A free press and media are vital in the democratic country. There is some importance is given to the press and media are following as:

  • The press and media enjoy the greater opportunity of freedom in the democratic country.
  • They are independent among important checking on government and administrators.
  • The press and media are free to raise voice against any social ill or wrong. It is the internal vigilance of the price of liberty.
  • Press and media can also raise voice against any dictatorship, corruption and mal practices.
  • They work day and night and deliver the accurate news with the high speed. They complete their duties always.
  • No one people will get information about the country without the press and media.
  • Press and media are also necessary for the fulfillment of the democratic ideologies.

Duties and Responsibilities of press and media

Some of the responsibilities of the press and media are given below:

  • The press and media should work towards the strengthening the sovereignty and integrity of a nation.
  • Duty of the press and media is to build an environment, where every citizen of the country can cultivate the unity and harmony.

Freedom in democratic countries

  • The press and media are lesser freedom in the democratic countries because there are wrath of ruling government against any newspaper may snatch its freedom.
  • The man’s dignity easily can know in the democratic countries by the press and media, and hence there lies the importance of maintaining its freedom.
  • Press and media debates on the one subject in democratic countries and it became large topic of debating issue and they have that freedom to allow it on debate issue, which is still unsettled.
  • They have freedom to ask a question in democratic countries, which is unsettled issue.

Control over the freedom of press

It is accepted by us the freedom of press and media is significant but sometime the freedom of press is handle by their owner.

  • Especially, in India, the press is frequently alleged. There are the ownership for the press and media.
  • It is danger for the press because the ownership of the newspaper industry and the predominance of some newspaper groups and chains.
  • The journalists have the adequate freedom for collecting and disseminating facts and offering comments as they are under the pressure of the capitalistic owners.
  • It is not possible in the case of newspapers which depend to a large extent on revenue from advertisements as the advertising interests cannot but influence the presentation of news and comments.
  • This whole system is control over by the newspaper industry, which is manner of the economic management of the press. It suggest that press are not free.

Importance of constitutional amendment

It is important for develop the state powerful in India. It is necessity to ensure develop the economy of the state. All these difficulties in the way of ensuring that the Press can have the maximum freedom to carry out its function of collecting facts about different facets of national life, analyzing them and commenting upon them so as to keep the general body of citizens in our young democracy well informed show that the Press requires some special protection.

In the article 19, the Indian constitution has held the some authorities and rights to freedom of speech. There are two rights under article 19.

The Indian constitution protects the freedom of press and it is the judicial decisions, which have the clear the fundamental rights are conferred only on citizens and not an association of citizens. Due to present times, the newspaper cannot normally brought by the individual. It can only brought by the corporate bodies.

There are the uses of pre-censorship in the newspaper. It is a authority and power of the press. Even the country is not faced by an emergency due to external aggression or internal rebellion or similar circumstances. This authority is given by the government to the press and media.


We all living in this country and we should be aware towards all thing. The actualization of national principles and ideologists, people should have co-ordination with between the government policies and people’s vision. The freedom of press and media is important.

Essay on Censorship and Freedom of Speech

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Censorship may be protection from inappropriate materials, but it also limits free speech. For the limitation of free speech, it is reasonable why people are emphatically against censorship. It is understood that there is a need to filter some of the materials released in today’s society, but too much is being done by people who have no right meddling with everyone’s rights. Civilization has always been plagued by a never ending battle being fought over what is deemed right and wrong. In today’s culture, censorship oppresses everything in the media. From movies and music to television and even news stories, most of the content viewed today has been filtered one way or another. Restrictions have been in place since early societies have been…show more content…

Today, censorship is in place in more ways than you can imagine. As mentioned previously, movies, music, television, and more are filtered one way or another. Some people go to such lengths as illegal means of spreading materials deemed inappropriate for a certain viewing audience. When the United States was established, the first amendment guaranteed the rights to free speech and free press. However, “it has never been interpreted to mean that all forms of expression are legal” (Zorea). The common misconception is that people believe that all forms of expression are legal, but that has never been the case, and probably never will be. Intellectual freedom is important because it allows people to express their ideas or beliefs however they feel is appropriate (Intellectual Freedom Manual). With censorship, that freedom is stifled and breaches the right everyone has for that intellectual freedom. Also affecting that freedom is the influence that outside sources can have on your own thoughts and actions. People tend to rely more on television and other electronic media to give them false ideas or impressions. Currently, censorship in music is possibly the most relevant form of censorship. One of the more disturbing signs of censorship in music is a condition nearly snuck into the USA-PATRIOT Act that would allow the government “to hack private citizens’ computers to delete what they consider to be illegal MP3 song files” (Blecha 179).

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