Pinellas County Schools Homework Policy For Kindergarten

For assistance with registration or Student Assignment issues, please contact the Student Assignment Office at or (727) 588-6210.

New Student Registration

Families who have moved to Pinellas County, have a child entering kindergarten or a child transitioning into Pinellas County Schools need to register their child for the upcoming school year.


Kindergarten Registration 

Kindergarten registration will begin on January 10, 2018 for the 2018-2019 school year. If you have a child who will be five years old prior to Sept. 1, 2018, you can register your child at your zoned PCS elementary school. 


Student Reservation System

The Student Reservation System is a great resource for families. Parents can use the Student Reservation System to:


  • Reserve a seat for the current or next school year
  • Change their residence address
  • Apply for a District Application Program
  • Apply for Special Assignment Request


Please note that some of these options will only be available at certain times of the year.


Exceptional Student Education

Parents of all students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) requiring Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services should contact the district ESE Student Transfer Team at (727) 588-5128 or the Exceptional Student Education office at (727) 588-6032. Learn more about Exceptional Student Education.


The PreK Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Program offers a variety of models and options for children ages 3 through 5 who are developmentally delayed. You may contact the ESE Student Transfer Team at (727) 588-5128. Find out more about the PreK ESE program.


Parental Choice Options

Pinellas County Schools offers a wide variety of high-quality educational programs for students.

Incoming students in kindergarten, 6th- and 9th-grade are assigned to zoned schools, which provide close-to-home, neighborhood schools, where students can receive a quality education. Find your child's zoned school with the convenient School Zone Locator. See zone maps for Elementary, Middle and High schools.

Parents wishing to change schools may request a new school assignment through the annual Special Assignment Request process or apply for District Application Programs.


View a list of schools that are at capacity and do not have available seats .



District Application Programs

District Application Programs include themed programs, career programs and fundamental programs. Find out more about District Application Programs.


Special Assignment Requests 

Special Assignment Requests are granted on a space-available basis. All such assignments are valid through the highest grade level. Bus transportation is not provided for Special Assignment Requests and parents must arrange to get their child to and from school safely and on time. Find out more about the district's Student Assignment policy.


The initial SAR application period will run from April 2, 2018 to April 16, 2018 for parents to request a non-zoned school that is not a District Application Program for their children for the 2018-2019 school year. 


Late SARs can be made beginning April 23, 2018 through July 31, 2018. Late SARs are placed at the bottom of the request list in the order in which they are received, so it is most advantageous to make requests during the initial SAR period between April 2nd and April 16th.

Special Assignment Requests are granted three times before the start of the 2018-2019 school year. The first round of requests are granted in May, prior to the end of the current school year on May 24, 2018. Requests will be reviewed and granted again before the end of June and once again before the end of July. 


Students granted a Special Assignment Request (SAR) may remain at the assigned school through the highest grade level. 


Special Attendance Permit (SAP) - For Out-of-County Residents

If a parent, legal guardian, other person with primary or shared parental responsibility for the student, or an adult student has his/her primary legal residence in a county other than this county, s/he may apply for an exception known as a Special Attendance Permit (SAP).  The student must obtain release from the district of residence and complete a Special Attendance Permit Application (PCS Form 4-302).  Special Attendance Permit requests will be accepted for both the current school year and the next school year.


Special Attendance Permit Application (PCS Form 4-302) 

 If approved for school attendance in the District, the student will be assigned to the requested school, provided the school has available space and it is the best interest of the educational program at the school.  Parents are responsible for safely transporting their child to and from the assigned school in a timely manner. Students granted a Special Attendance Permit may remain at the assigned school through the highest grade. There is no longer a requirement to re-apply annually.

*  A student on suspension or who has been expelled cannot be approved for transfer to the District.

*  No student residing in the district may be displaced by a student from another district.

 Additionally, the following preferential treatment will be provided through the Special Assignment Request and Special Attendance Permit processes;

  1. dependent children of active-duty military personnel whose move resulted from military orders;
  2. students who have been relocated due to a foster care placement into another school zone;
  3. students who move to another school zone due to a court-ordered change in custody due to separation or divorce, or the serious illness or death of a custodial parent.


Pinellas Virtual School

The Pinellas Virtual School provides a rigorous and engaging online education. Learn more about the  Pinellas Virtual School.


Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools operating under a contractual agreement with the local School Board. Find out about charter schools.


Voluntary Prekindergarten

The Voluntary PreK program is designed to prepare 4-year-old children for kindergarten and build the foundations for their educational success. This program is voluntary for children and providers.


PCS Prekindergarten

Pinellas County Schools Pre-K program is for 3-year-old children who turn 3 on or before Sept. 1, 2018. The program includes developmentally appropriate activities in literacy, language, science, social studies, math, health and safety, art and music. The tuition fee is $75 per week for a full six-hour school day. Some of our Pre-K programs are blended with Pre-K Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students.

ESE services are free of charge as well as for Pre-K students attending certain Title I schools who may qualify.


TAMPA, Fla. (WTSP) – A Texas teacher’s “no homework” policy has gone viral on the internet with thousands of people weighing in with their opinions. The teacher, in Fort Worth, sent a note home to parents saying she wanted students to eat with their families, read and play outside.

Many parents have applauded the decision, but what about academic scholars who are familiar with the scientific research that’s been done on the effects of homework?

“We really don’t have a good reason to do this,” said Patricia O’Grady, an associate professor of education at the University of Tampa. “There really is no evidence [of the benefits of homework], and sometimes in schools, we do many, many things for which there is no evidence base.

Texas teacher's no homework policy goes viral

“There is research that suggests that homework creates stress. It creates stress in a busy, overwhelmed family, it creates stress in children who live in poverty,” added O’Grady. “And that stress interferes with learning.”

“She seems to understand the importance of the relationships between teachers and learners, and learners and their parents, and the values of play and conversation and having meals together,” said Hunter O'Hara, University of Tampa education professor, talking about the teacher who wrote the now viral “no homework” note. “Quantity is not synonymous with quality. It applies to homework, it applies to the amount of time kids spend in the classrooms …”

O’Hara traveled to Finland, one of the world’s leading countries for education, to study how it handles homework.

"They don't have homework, they're not given homework in Finland, and if they do it's not in a significant amount,” said O’Hara. “And they're ranked number one in the world, or very near the top, year after year."

Here in the Tampa Bay area, homework policies vary by district. For instance, the Hillsborough County School District has a specific set of guidelines that lays out how much homework teachers should assign: 15 to 20 minutes per night for kindergarten; a total of 30 minutes per night for students in grades 1, 2, and 3; and 45 minutes per night in grades 4 and 5. Meanwhile, Pinellas County schools have no policy at all, meaning teachers can assign as much or as little as they like.

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