Four Legged Snake Essay In Hindi

Snakes Vocabulary Word List (171)

A)Acid, Alert, Allergy, Animal, Anti-venom, Antiseptic, Antivenin, Appearance, Aquatic, Arboreal, Attentive
B)Backbone, Backbone, Ball, Bite, Body, Brackish
C)Carelessness, Caudal scales, Caution, Chock, Classification, Climbing, Coil, Color, Consequences, Constrict, Creeping, Creepy
D)Dangerous, Dank, Dark, Deadly, Death, Desert, Discoloration, Diurnal, Dwell
E)Ecotherm, Eggs, Eject, Elapids, Elongated, Endotherm, Enemy, Envenomation, Enzymes, Eyelids
F)Facial pits, Faint, Fangs, Fear, First aid, Fish and Game Commission, Flexibility, Forage, Forest, Forked, Fresh water, Frightening
G)Gangrene, Glands, Glands
H)Habitat, Harmless, Hatching, Heat, Hemotoxin, Herpetologist, Hibernation, Hidden, Hospitalization
I)Identification, Immediate, Inactivity, Infection, Inflict
L)Legless, Length, Lessons, Lethal, Lip plates, Living, Locomotion
M)Marsh, Molting, Motionless, Movable, Movement, Muscles
N)Neurotoxin, Nocturnal, Nonpoisonous
O)Ocean, Organs, Oviparous, Ovoviviparous
P)Paralysis, Pet, Pigment, Plates, Poison, Poisonous, Pond, Population, Precautions, Prey, Propel, Pugnacious, Puncture, Pupil
R)Rare, Rattle, Reaction, Recovery, Regional, Reptile, Respiration, Ribs, Rodent
S)Saliva, Salt marsh, Scales, Scaly-skinned, Scary, Scutes, Secrete, Serum, Shedding, Size, Smell, Snake, Soil, Species, Specimen, Speed, Sting, Stout, Strange, Streams, Structure, Substance, Succumb, Suffocate, Sun, Swamp, Swelling
T)Terrestrial, Tissue, Tongue, Tongue, Treatment, Trees, Tropics, Type
V)Venom, Venomous, Vent, Ventrals, Vibration, Viper, Vision, Vomit
W)Warmblooded, Wave-like motion, Woods, Wound

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Poisonous snakes word list
Black Mamba, Canebreak rattlesnake, Coral snake, Eastern Diamond back rattlesnake, Florida Cottonmouth, Indian Cobra, Pigmy rattlesnake, Southern Copperhead,
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Blue Racers, Brown watersnake, Eastern Garter Snake, Eastern Hognose snake, etc.

Snakes Lesson Plan and discussion questions:
1. Name eight classifications of snakes. Describe them and give examples of each.
2. How is it possible for snakes to survive without eating for long periods of time?
3. What purposes dosnake serve? Why are they important to the environment?
4. Snakes move in different ways. Discuss their patterns and draw examples.
5. Name some ways that humans can protect themselves against snake bites. How do snakes protect themselves offers more than 405 word lists. To see more Animal, Bird or Insect word lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content. 2500 pages of free content at are available only online. There are no fees.

Snakes are elusive and mysterious, seen only in zoos, on television, or in chance encounters in the wild that are often involve fearful circumstances. This elusiveness is what gives rise to much of the fear that is involved with snakes.

However, the snake's hidden qualities are precisely what gives it its status as a wisdom symbol for some cultures and individuals.

For example, Chinese astrologers consider those born under the sign of the snake as embodiments of wisdom, sensuality, and diplomacy.

The Mezoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl travelled between heaven and earth realms.

In Yoruban mythology it is the serpent Oshunmare who creates the rainbow.

And cobras, in particular, seem to carry the connotation of wisdom.

As creatures of intuitive knowledge, snake dreams may ask the dreamer to tune into his or her intuitive side.

Snakes in dreams, even if unpleasant, may be warnings that intuitive information surrounds the dreamer, but the dreamer is ignoring it. That snake in the grass might not have been so unexpected had the dreamer heeded the warning signs coming from the intuition.

One may also gain wisdom by paying attention to any striking or specific words in a snake dream and by giving close attention to the prominent symbols the serpent is attached to within the dream.

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