Extra Credit Math Assignments For 4th Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade!


Team A: Crystal Kempken (TL), Kelly Mogk, Jenny Smalley, Cheryl Hammons 

Team B: Margo Scott (TL), Stephanie Thomasson, Brenda Padilla, Cliff Eisenhower 






 Extra credit assignments are not offered in 4th grade.

Yoda: Offered not are extra credit assignments. 

If you had a child who depended on those last year, please work more closely with them on every assignment and test grade from the beginning of every grading period until the end. We all want the students to do well, but do well based on the regular work, etc. given.  








-------Reading/Poetry/Vocabulary ------

Mrs. Crystal Kempken, Mrs. Kelly Mogk, Mrs. Brenda Padilla,and Mrs. Stephanie Thomasson


For information specific to each pod:


Pod A: Please visit Mrs. Kempken's website http://aca4th.weebly.com

                                               Pod A: Please visit Mrs. Mogk's website: http://mrsmogk.weebly.com/

Pod B: Please visit




------------- Mathematics ------------

 Mrs. Jenny Smalley and Ms. Margo Scott 


Be sure to check your student's planner every day for any assignments. 


---------------------- Science  -------------------



Ms. Cheryl Hammons and Mr. Cliff Eisenhower


STEMScopes site: https://n11067d127821.acceleratelearning.com/login


 Questions: How could you predict which phase of the moon we have, if you had overcast skies?

What is the relationship of our tides (Spring, Neap, etc.) to the moon phases? 



9/22/16 Autumnal Equinox @ 9:22 a.m.

12/21/16 Winter Solstice @ 4:44 a.m.

3/20/17 Vernal/Spring Equinox 

6/20/17 Summer Solstice  

9/22/17 Autumnal Equinox 3:02 p.m. @ ACA

12/21/17 Winter Solstice @ 10:38 a.m.

3/20/17 Vernal/Spring Equinox 11:55 am


Week of  3/5 -3/9

Check student planner for each day's assignments and for details related to the topic of the day below. For 4B students, please check update e-mail daily.




What are properties of PATTERNS that help us describe them?

What role(s) do PATTERNS play in our lives?

How are PATTERNS related to other areas of science (e.g., ENERGY, MATTER)?

What are ways that PATTERNS relate to the success of plants, animals, other organisms, and Earth? 


smaller questions: what parts or types of PATTERNS are most important to students? 

what effects do PATTERNS have on Earth?

what positive & negative effects do we HUMANS have on the PATTERNS?





Monday (3/5): 4.8C Patterns on Earth

Tuesday (3/6): 4.8C Patterns on Earth 


Wednesday (3/7): 4.8C Patterns on Earth


 Thursday (3/8): 4.8C Patterns on Earth


Friday (3/9): 4.8C Patterns on Earth





----------------- Texas History----------------

 Mrs. Cheryl Hammons, Mrs. Stephanie Thomasson and Mrs. Brenda Padilla




--------  English Language Arts --------

Mrs. Brenda Padilla, Mrs. Stephanie Thomasson, Mrs. Crystal Kempken, and Mrs. Kelly Mogk


 4A Students are welcome to visit Mrs. Kempken's and Mrs. Mogk's web pages for more specific information.

4B Students are welcome to visit Mrs. Thomasson's and Mrs. Padilla's web pages for more specific information. 









i teach 6th, and this is my extra credit policy:

i will not give you extra credit immediately after a progress report and you see that your grade it bad

i will not give you extra credit immediately before report cards when you worry that your grade will be bad

i will not offer you extra credit because your parents ask me for it

i WILL...give a bonus spelling word each week; try to include challenging extra credit questions on quizzes and tests; offer at least 1 extra credit opportunity (above and beyond, extension, do at home, on your own time, takes some attention, energy, and time!) for each subject at least once a quarter. (i also have a couple year-long extra credit opportunities: language--find a printed grammar/mechanics error and bring it in and tell me how it needs to be fixed; social studies--check the nation section of the newspaper to find stories about Western Hemisphere countries (besides US), bring them in, and summarize them)

if you want a good grade in my class, you should...
pay attention during lessons
stay organized
actively study
do extra credit when offerred, even if it's not needed for a good grade
turn quality work in on time (i take 25% off for 1 day late, after that=0)
redo any assignment (not quiz or test) for an averaged grade
need help? come to study hall before or after school or ask for help during a recess

i go over these policies with my students at the beginning of the year---AND WITH PARENTS; they know not to ask for extra credit.

i offerred extra credit in language, social studies, and reading 2 weeks ago--everyone got a copy; everyone's parents got a reminder in monday folders...how many bothered to do it? 2 kids did reading; 2 other kids did social studies. (many more should have!) oh well, at least i can say i offerred it!

BTW--i don't tell students how much extra credit is worth-- i leave it open-ended, that way if a student does some real spectacular work, i can give more points. the point value is never anywhere near an entire assignment's grade--but it can soften the blow of a C or D grade!


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