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Two months before,i have visited Hyderabad city.It is wonderful and awesome experience and we cant able to forget our life time.
My favourite place in Hyderabad was Golconda port. What i can say its a historical monument and still surprising about their maintenance in the golconda port.
In that port, we can see lot of places,which taken part in many of our favorite movies. And it is nice to take the photograph there.It also seems to be a scenery.And also another important thing thing in the Golconda port is that ,it having different ways to reach the top.In the top of the Golconda port we can view the entire Hyderabad city like bird eye view. another thing that i have shocked is that , they are all maintaining silence and also the restriction of the anti social activities.The another considerable thing is that security , not only in golconda port but also in the entire city security will be very strong.
The cleanliness plays an important role of the Golconda port. Even though many tourists are visiting the spot but the authorities of golconda ports are maintaining the cleanliness.
So,I here i can assure u that if you visit Hyderabad especially in Golconda port, i will one of your most unforgetful experience in your life.

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