Weekly Assignments See Reader Completely Free

"Consistent practice on Edcite helped my students feel more comfortable with the question types...We could actually focus on what the data said about their mastery of the objective, instead of being concerned about whether or not they were just confused about the question!"

—Dr. Kristen Taylor, Principal, Jefferson Elementary School, MO

"The aspects that make me most excited about Edcite are the ability to create my own assignments and tests using a platform that is necessary for my students to understand, the various choices of question types, the ability for my students to have instant feedback on an assignment or assessment, and the option for students to learn from the mistakes they’ve made."

—Tracey Tisdale, 5th/6th Grade Reading and ELA Teacher, Millersport Elementary, OH

"It has been a great resource to help prepare our students for online state assessments as well as create blended/flipped lessons and classroom assessments. The staff at Edcite are dedicated to listening to our teachers' needs and creating a resource to help us in the classroom."

—Courtney Stewart, Technology Coordinator, Mary Blount Elementary School, TN

" I love how students are able to interact both with texts and questions in new and innovative ways. Being able to have students highlight, sort, categorize, write responses, and use multiple choice formats really won me over. My students love using Edcite and being able to know how they did immediately. I love being able to quickly see what students understand, and where their gaps are so I can adjust my instruction."

—Rachel Brown, Language Arts Teacher, Dekalb Middle School, IN

"I love being able to add pictures and videos to questions. I think they allow a student to see the real-world applications of concepts. I also appreciate the instant feedback for the students and myself. The reports available are very beneficial when looking at the data from an assignment."

—Abby Baughman, Math and Science Teacher, Maysville Elementary School, OH

"Though the PARCC tests were still hard, my students felt confident with the question types and technical skills. This wouldn't have been possible without Edcite."

—Matt Zimmer, 4th Grade Teacher, Meadowbrook Intermediate School, IL

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