06.04 Food In Hispanic Cultures Writing Assignment

06.04 Food in Hispanic Cultures WriTng AssignmentMeals in the United StatesBreakfastTo start out, breakfast in the United States begins around 7 A.M. through 11 A.M. A common breakfast is served with eggs, bacon, pancakes or waFes, and orange juice or milk. With those who don’t have ±me to eat a large breakfast, they subs±tute it with cereal, co²ee, or maybe a granola bar.LunchWhen mid-day comes around, that is the ±me for lunch. Lunch is usually served around 12 P.M. and 3 P.M. Most lunches have a light meat of some sort like hot dogs or sandwiches. Chips or crackers can be eaten as a side if you choose to along with a drink. SnacksMost people snack throughout the day un±l dinner ±me; however, most people snack around 4 P.M. un±l 6 P.M. Yogurt, chips, or just some type of drink can hold someone o² un±l dinner.DinnerAround 7 P.M. to 9 P.M., dinner is being cooked and served. This is where a lot of food is prepared. With that being said, meats, rice, potatoes vegetables, etc. are served. A lot of our protein comes from our dinner.

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