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One of the least used essays that some find difficult to add to their repertoire is the narrative essay. The reason writing this particular type of essay is difficult is that the narrative suggests a story, and that type of essay writing will generally, not generate a good grade from an instructor. Unless the assignment is to write that type of essay, it is usually not acceptable. However, this type of writing can be powerful if it is done correctly. Understanding how to write a narrative essay will go a long way toward making you a better rounded writer and can add some spark to your writing abilities.

A narrative essay is written from a certain point of view usually the authors. Therefore, it is written in the first person. This is because you are taking an experience from your life and trying to make a determined point with that experience. The essay will have to be told with all of the conventions of a story also. That means that the elements that a good story contains are also used in an essay. These are

  • -A discernible plot
  • -Believable characters
  • -A definite setting
  • -A build up to the climax
  • -A concrete ending

All of these pieces are fit into a narrative essay the same as they are into any properly told story. The plot will most likely follow the topic that you are addressing. The characters in the story can be the author or someone from he/she has heard the story from. Settings are important because they have to fit the context of the story. Climax and ending finish the tale in such a way as to both make the story and to drive the original point home. Knowing how to write a narrative essay makes the process easier and gives the writer a consistent flow.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when learning how to write a narrative essay. The reader must be involved in the story. This means that they have to be engaged by the writing, the topic, and the general opinion of the author. All three of these elements must be in place. Anytime you write an essay, you do not want to be wishy-washy; the essay must be able to point to the topic and give definite statements about it. The writer drives the discussion toward the point they wish to make with the narrative. The opinion must be clearly stated. Again, a writer cannot be on the fence. Choose a side, and stick with it. Essay writing is conducted to display a particular point and hopefully persuade people to its relevance. If the writing is poor and the opinion is weakly introduced, readers will leave this piece and go on to something else.

A narrative essay is one of the least used types, but it can be more powerful than any of the others. It depends on the commitment of the author to make a genuine attempt, and understanding how to write a narrative essay.

The Thing I Will Forget

The thing I will never forget in my whole life is when my dad passed away. Back in the Philippines I had lots of experiences, such as pain, sadness, loneliness, happiness, etc. because all those things happened to me while I grew up. The most painful thing that I experienced in my life was when my dad passed away. I remember all the detail that happened to my dad when he still was alive. The day of accident, I was at home with my mom and my siblings. One of my dad's friends phoned my uncle and he told my uncle to take us to Cagayan to see my dad one last day. He warned my uncle to not tell us about my dad's accident and my uncle pretended everything was normal and nothing had happened.

When my uncle told my auntie about my dad's accident, I heard everything they were talking about. I cried and hoped the person they weretalking about was not my dad. I prayed that he was healthy and enjoying summer with his friends. My mom went to hospital first with my auntie. On the way there, my mom cried and fainted because she already knew about the accident because my auntie told her. The trip to the hospital of Cagayan took four hours, because my dad was there on his vacation with his friends, enjoying summertime with them.

In the car on the way to the hospital, they talked about my dad. They talked about where to bury my dad. I was shocked and hoped the person they were talking about was not my dad. When I came to hospital, I saw him laid on the bed and his face was covered with a while blanket. My mom hugged him and cried so loud. On that day, I felt so lonely and sad. I hated myself because I didn’t say I love you to him when he was still alive. The sadness thing was that I hadn’t said goodbye to him before he left.

As the years passed, the innocence in my heart was replaced with anger. I always wondered why God did this to my dad;why He took my dad from my mom and left my mom alone. I felt guilty when I saw my mom suffer from the many thing that she had to do. When years passed, I gained wisdom and my anger eventually was replaced with understanding. I was tearful during the time I wrote this essay. I felt all the things again that happened to my dad, just like it was yesterday. My dad was my inspiration because he had a kind heart and he was willing to help when someone needed him. If he were still alive today, I would want to hug him and said I love you to him. I know my dad is watching over me and my family in heaven and I hope he is happy in heaven with God.

I have made a few corrections. Remember to use past tense verbs to describe events that happened in the past.

I am sorry about your loss. Losing a parent is very difficult. We never really get over it, but it hurts less as time passes.

It sounds like you were a loving child to him, and stayed at the side of your mother when she needed you. This will comfort you in the future.

Take care of yourself and good luck! Keep doing the things that would make your father proud of you.

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