Mt460 Unit 7 Assignment Lennar

LEGO 2 Name of Case Study Company Name: LEGO Topic of the Week: short-term objectives and outsourcing proposition Synopsis of the Situation Lego was established in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen to manufacture his godt” which is Danish for play well; it also translates to “I put together” in Latin (Bellis, nd). Lego’s motto Only the Best is Good Enough” shows their commitment to quality and this company has stood the test of time and was named the Toy of the Century by Fortune Magazine and the British Association of Toy Retailers (Pearce & Robinson, 2013, p 12-5). The design was simple however there over 900 million possible combinations that could be made from just six eight-studded Lego bricks of the same In 2004, Lego faced bankruptcy after changes in the organization created an internal crisis (Pearce & Robinson, 2013, p 12-6). Legos planned diversification created inefficiencies which confused consumers as well as employees. Licensed products such as Star Wars and Harry Potter had far too many pieces that were not interchangeable with the core Lego product. This slowed production and distribution rather than boosting growth and sales. Lego Group partnered with Flextronics in an effort to optimize the global supply chain and streamline business operations and provide efficient cost saving strategies (Pearce & Robinson, 2013, p 12-11). Both companies went into this alliance with the faith that the expertise and knowledge of these two entities would carry them forward.

Lennar Corporation Joint Venture Investment 2 Name of Case Study Company Name: Lennar Corporation Topic of the Week: Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Synopsis of the Situation Lennar started as a single-family homebuilder in Florida. Lennar concentrates on single-family attached and detached homes and purchases land. Rialto Capital Management is also part of Lennar’s financial arm. Rialto helps Lennar invest in real estate and manage their funds. Rialto also provides mortgage financing, title insurance and even closing services. In 2008, Lennar became the U.S. second largest homebuilder behind DR Horton (DR Horton). Lennar was constructing homes in 18 states until 2008 when the company was affected by the U.S. housing market crash. The CEO indicated that construction industry needs government help to stabilize this drastic crash within the housing market. This caused nearly 35 percent of consumers that were buying homes to back out of their contracts.

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